Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts, Fenway Park, Boston, August 2018

Took the boy to Fenway last Sunday for a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Despite Boston having the best record in baseball, and Tampa Bay being Tampa Bay, the Rays have Boston’s number. Starting with the game we went to, where the Red Sox were shut out on two hits for the 4-0 loss, Boston went on to lose three straight. They then started winning again, only to lose to Tampa again by a lopsided score the other day.

Even before moving to New England, I was a nominal Boston fan. I loved reading about Ted Williams and what a quirky, heroic figure he was, and as luck would have it, I read a huge book about him in 2004—the same year they finally won a World Series for the first time in several generations. Now that I’ve been here awhile, and my sister and brother-in-law (Oakland A’s fans) openly mock me for being a “fan,” I guess I can count myself among the Boston multitude.

I shot the above photo with my 200mm lens, the most reach I currently own. Betts was playing right in front of us, so my best shots are of him. I wasn’t able to get him actually catching that fly ball, though. Even shooting at 1/4000th, I got a ton of frames before the catch and a ton of frames after. Baseball may get a lot of crap for being a “slow” sport, but when something actually happens, the ball and the players who have to chase it are very, very quick.


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