Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 10.52.59 PM
Cover for The Designated Hitter: Inning 1

The debut issue of my comic book The Designated Hitter is out, and a Kickstarter effort to get the second issue up and running went live today. Boston-area artist Brian Bicknell and I are raising $3,000 to produce The Designated Hitter: Inning 2. 

There will be nine such “innings,” and I originally just wanted to pay for one, and maybe kick it around to publishers and conventions and so on. Brian, on the other hand, suggested going the Kickstarter route, one Inning at a time.

We have thirty days to raise the funds, or Kickstarter cancels the project. On the other hand, if we go over the $3,000 target, we can use the extra money for extra printing costs or for “stretch goals,” such as extra “innings” or even a hardbound collection of the issues under one cover.

Kickstarter donors receive premiums, including copies of the comic, signed poster versions of the cover, and more.

Update: The Designated Hitter didn’t quite do as well as Brian and I had hoped. We raised just over $600. Back to Class B ball! Time will tell if Inning 2 ever sees the light of day.


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