Either a really good diorama of a Berlin, NH, wetland... or a fake miniature of same from atop Mt. Jasper
Berlin, NH, wetland from atop Mt. Jasper.

My quixotic quest to turn all of Coös County into a diorama has mostly failed. It’s had an accidental success or two, but the fake miniature effect only works when I tell someone holding a photo that fake mini is what I was going for.

Other than that, it’s been a string of failures—images that look okay on the screen, but crap out as a print, and about a hundred more that just didn’t work at all.

This swamp works great. I did everything right. I shot it from high up. I controlled the exposure level both at the camera and in processing. Beyond that, though, I just got lucky.

Right? Do you see it? Fake miniature swamp? Yeah, I know, no one would ever build a miniature swamp. But…

Never mind.


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