BUSSA_coveMy new novel BATTLEGROUND U.S.S.A.: RED DUSK is out on Kindle. Just $2.99, or free if you’re signed up for Kindle Unlimited!

And that $2.99 in dollars and cents, not rubles. Because the Communists may have invaded the homeland, but they haven’t won the war.

At least… nyet yet…

You loved the hardboiled short stories of Blood & Tacos, the online quarterly started by legendary writer Brace Godfrey. Now sink your chops into the first full length B&T novel. Join Mike McCreary and the rest of Lonestar Tactical Unit One as they fight to stop the Russians from taking over the United States—and the world. With the American military making its last stand in the Rockies, McCreary and his team race to Alaska to stop the Reds from pouring across the Bering Strait and delivering a final, killing, Godless blow to the cause of freedom.

Enjoy this leap back to a time when a man was a man, Reagan was king, and the U.S.S.R. invaded the … United States … somehow.

That’s BATTLEGROUND U.S.S.A.: RED DUSKon Kindle and coming soon to paperback from Creative Guy Publishing.


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