Creative Guy Publishing (Vancouver, B.C.) and Blood & Tacos present



Discovered by Christopher Blair

Coming Feb. 3!


World War III has come at last. Two years into the ground fight, the U.S. military continues to mount a valiant resistance against the Soviet invasion of North America. And Captain Mike McCreary has freed his hometown from a deranged Communist general.

But at what price? The Soviets have reprogrammed his wife as the perfect Russian consort. McCreary has a million-ruble bounty on his head. And worst of all, a tidal wave of Red Army groups is preparing for a surge through Soviet Alaska.

Striking out from under one of the last U.S. divisions, McCreary and the rest of Lonestar Tactical Unit One set their bearings straight for the Great White North. There they seek to expose the Soviets’ secrets and put a stop to their Communist plot.

If they fail, Alaska will become the doorway for a new United Soviet States of America, and the snow of the Arctic hellscape will be stained red with the patriotic blood of true Americans.

One man’s mission: to keep the sun from setting on the West, and to prevent the rise of a RED DUSK.

• • •

“I might be eight whiskeys in, but I can aver without hyperbole that Max Auger’s Red Dusk is the best novel that I have ever read. Besides any one of my own.”—Brace Godfrey, author of Oaxacalypse and Knockers O’Malley: Lady Cop.

• • •

Battleground U.S.S.A. Red Dusk is the book-length sequel to “Battleground U.S.S.A.: Texasgrad,” a story that appeared in the satirical quarterly Blood & Tacos No. 1 in 2012.

The original “Texasgrad” is available as a free audiobook HERE on iTunes.

“Texasgrad” and the rest of Blood & Tacos No. 1 is HERE, just 99 cents on Kindle.

Coming to paperback and Kindle Feb. 3!



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