John Cabot’s Ribbon

Cape Breton has some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever witnessed, but it comes at a price. If you’re taking the counterclockwise route, pump your brakes on the downhill and pull over if they start to smoke. That’s free advice.


I saw not one but two seagull fights yesterday. One was in St. John, and the other in a little harbor town forty miles away. This leads me to believe that gulls do more than just glide passively in front of sunsets. I missed the first fight because I had my shutter speed set too… More Envy


It rained for about half of the first part of our trip. Then, on Wednesday, it stopped during our circuit of Cape Breton Island. Just in time, too, since we’d just hit the good part of our drive on the Cabot Trail.


Much of the water that I saw on Nova Scotia this week—standing or flowing—was stained deep brown. Part of this may have been from the torrential rain on our first day, but from what I’ve read, the old, marshy soil just makes the water that way. It made this brook look like it was fed… More Coffee


I’m trying to get better at identifying “The Magic Hour,” supposedly the time in the morning and evening when the sun is low and makes for pretty picture-takin. We were out walking around the town of Baddeck after dinner, and noticed the clouds breaking up for the first time all trip. The lake shore had… More Greenlight


You should click this one and see it full size. I like it more than I should, but it’s my photo so I get to like what I want. Woke up to this view after taking the over night ferry from Portland to Yarmouth this morning. Then the rain came. It wouldn’t be the first… More East


They’re much friendlier with leaves. In summer and fall, they look like a Calvin and Hobbes painting. In winter, that cold, bright bark looks like lightning coming out of the ground.

June 17

“By then I knew that everything good and bad left an emptiness when it stopped. But if it was bad, the emptiness filled up by itself. If it was good you could only fill it by finding something better.” ― Earnest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast


I’m on Day 4 of a self-imposed 10,000-steps-a-day program. On the exercise spectrum, this places my lazy butt somewhere between senior center tai chi and being an inanimate object. I guess it’s better than not exercising at all. It rained pretty hard today. For a while there, it looked like my streak was in peril.… More Drops

Tiny Swamp

My quixotic quest to turn all of Coös County into a diorama has mostly failed. It’s had an accidental success or two, but the fake miniature effect only works when I tell someone holding a photo that fake mini is what I was going for. Other than that, it’s been a string of failures—images that… More Tiny Swamp


I don’t know whether this is a mommy bird watching over her babies or a juvenile bird getting ready to literally leave the nest. Either way, I have enjoyed getting to know these dapper birds.

I Have an Excuse

I would have focused, exposed, and framed this photo better, but I was standing in long grass, and God forbid I stand in ankle-deep grass longer than two seconds without having three ticks crawl up my pant leg. This, by the way, actually happened.

Sundogs at Sunset

The weather here isn’t the greatest, but the sky is certainly never dull. Sundogs and halos are a common sight. Hell, even lenticular clouds are just … another thing that happens. I thought I knew everything there was to know about U.S. geography. I can draw each state from memory, and even assemble a halfway… More Sundogs at Sunset

Mostly missed

I’ve seen a red fox since moving here, but this one felt more like a “first.” I was by myself, and spotted him just bumming around along the side of the road. He knew I was behind him in the jeep but never panicked. He just mosied into the woods and turned around to check… More Mostly missed

Slick Willie

This is the second time in a week that I’ve seen a spider hiding in or on a flower. Not being a fan of our eight-legged friends, I find myself a little offended and horrified. Poor bugs, dropping in on a flower for a rest, or a meal, and BAM! Imagine being on a road… More Slick Willie